Legionnaire’s Disease Prevention 

 Legionella bacteria can cause Legionnaire’s Disease a serious and potentially deadly form of pneumonia.

Although Legionella bacteria are found naturally in freshwater environments, they become a health risk when they grow and spread in building water systems.

How Legionella spreads 

Once Legionella has multiplied in a building water system it can spread in small water droplets that people breathe in. There is also a risk of Legionnaire’s Disease being transmitted by drinking infected water. Older people and people with underlying health issues are more at risk of becoming ill with Legionnaire’s Disease.

The closure of buildings throughout the Coronavirus pandemic has led to dormant water systems. These systems are at increased risk of bacterial growth.

Legionella treatment 

Public Health England advise businesses to conduct regular flushes of their water systems and thorough disinfection when required.

Our disinfection was named Legionella Product of the Year at the 2017 H&V News Indoor Air Quality and Water Safety event and is proven to be a powerful and safe treatment for the prevention of Legionnaire’s Disease.

Added to and flushed through a water system as a shock disinfectant to fully disinfect or applied to clean water systems in a maintenance dose the disinfectant uses a unique solution of hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) that is stabilised using a proprietary ionic silver-based chemistry. It leaves no harmful by products and degrades into oxygen and water.

Find up to date advice from Public Health England  here
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