An electronic solution to your limescale problem

  • Extend the life of capital equipment
  • Descales your existing systems
  • Saves energy
  • No chemicals
  • Can be used for drinking water
  • Low cost
  • Reduces bacteria levels

Did you know in hard water areas, it takes just 3 months for 3mm of limescale to build up in your boiler and hot water circuit? This can lead to reductions in energy efficiency of up to 20%

How it works

The electronic water conditioner is applied externally to the pipe of the water system or equipment. A  signal cable is placed around the outside of a pipe to form a coil.

We can cover pipe sizes from 8 mm to 1250 mm and will not cut into your pipework. No additional plumbing is required.


Do you need to cut pipes or remove lagging?
No. We do not cut the pipes when installing the descalers.  There is also no need for extra pipework or fittings.  The conditioner will be installed on the pipe or lagging.
How long does the descaler treatment last?
Water that has been treated  can remain effective for four days when stored cold.  Heat, pressure and aeration will reduce this.  The location of the treatment is essential, and we will be able to source this by surveying and carrying out all installations ourselves.
How long will it take to descale my system?
Descaling is dependant on the flow and quality of water and the amount of existing scale.  Provided there is adequate water flow, you will see the first measurable signs after three to four months.
How much energy does it consume?
Units consume between 5 watts/hr to 25 watts/hr depending on unit size.  The approximate cost to run is between £5 to £25 per year.
An extremely reliable and cost effective solution to managing our ongoing water conditioning strategies
University of the West of England
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