How to get your business on the road to net zero.

We’re at a critical stage in the fight against climate change. If we don’t take action now, scientists predict catastrophic changes for the planet and the human race. One of the strategies that has been devised to tackle climate change is the transition to net zero.

What is net zero?

Net Zero means reaching a balance between the greenhouse gasses put into the atmosphere and those taken out. It is key to fighting climate change and Britain has committed to becoming net zero by 2050.

To aid this target, the UK Government requires many businesses to report on their greenhouse emissions and energy usage.

How can my business reduce its carbon use?

Becoming a net zero business does not have to be costly, in fact many methods of saving carbon will also save you money. Here’s a few simple ways you can join the journey to net zero.

Remember the 3 r’s – reduce reuse and recycle. Green office stationery is a good way to start on the road to net zero, for example did you know that some printer ink cartridge takes thousands of years to decompose?

Reduce business travel emissions – We’ve all become used to working from home but when lockdown is over consider flexible working arrangements. Other tactics include carpooling or even corporate bike hire,

Engage your employees – engaging your employees is a great way to get your whole team working towards net zero. Using innovative approaches like tree planting days will enable you to achieve your target.

Make your existing systems work more efficiently – using our additive reduces your carbon use from the point of install. Applied in around 15 minutes to your existing system it changes the surface tension of the fluid which increases thermal contact making your system work more efficiently.

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