How We Work With Farmers To Feed The Nation

Each year the average British person eats around 35 kg of poultry. This equates to a £4.6 billion contribution to the economy. Strict hygiene and welfare laws exist in order to protect the birds and regulate food quality.
A key factor in adhering to these regulations is ensuring that birds have access to a supply of fresh and clean water. If bacteria enters the water there is the potential for birds to fall ill, die and ultimately food quality will be affected.
Effective cleaning begins with ensuring that the drinking equipment is free from all contaminants. To do this a shock dose of the disinfectant is poured into the system. This higher concentration of disinfectant safely removes any traces of bacteria.  After this, a small dosage of the fluid is poured consistently into the water source.
As well as being entirely safe for consumption the disinfectant is 100%  chlorine and alcohol free. A unique oxidisation process means that the process is non-corrosive and will not not leave residues that can cause damage to equipment
We work with livestock and agriculture businesses across the world helping them to protect their animals and food quality. To find out more please contact us.

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