The proof is in the poultry – testing our water treatment in a British poultry farm.

As the famous saying goes “agriculture is business” and this means investing in services and equipment that have a clear return on investment for your farm.

You may wonder if changing to a new water treatment is worthwhile, We set out to show one farmer the impact of using our disinfectant.

The farm is based in England and has a large flock of hens. We tested our product’s performance against their usual treatment and brought in a UKAS verified testing laboratory to review the results.

Our treatment uses advanced ionic silver technology to disinfect through an oxidisation process. This process safely removes biofilms and contaminants from the water and drinking lines.

To test the product, two poultry houses were given a shock dose of the disinfectant to remove micro-biological contaminants. We then followed this by constant dosing. Both of these processes can be done simply and quickly in house. It takes just 24 hours to shock dose then minutes to set up the constant dosing.

Once the treatment was completed, we asked an independent laboratory to test to the results. Analysis showed that our disinfectant had significantly reduced the number of bacteria in the water. The result of this was lower mortality rates and increased poultry weight in the flock.

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